The Silver Princes Awash in Crimson

The memory dance

Rememeber, in the underworld, when you . . . rememeber, in the south, when you . . . rememeber that one time when you were dancing in front of . . .

“ Mates if you would have your mind rewritten then I must prepare and you ought as well. The mind can be brought to remembrance like a lost traveler following a map, so prepare one for yourself.”

I’ll prepare myself and gather those together, seated in a private room and begin the dance. I bring the light on the Unconquered Sun to bear as I flare my anima. I start a dance with clapping and the sounds of astral drums ring out in a dark tribal beat. I raise my hands over my head clapping and I start turning around over and over again with ever increasing speed. I begin to sing a song of memory, the pain that was now washed away (Future by Paramore).

The crescendo of the song sees those under the sound of my voice in a feverish haze as the light smooths out the harshness of the dark surrounding and the desperate plan for the wicked villain. The spinning slows, the song and drums die out and all returns to the darkness as it stands.
“ Mates, My gifts are a greater boon to the world above and I would see them to full effect in regards to our charges. The Lion can send me through this dark place with haste at first light and I will make way to our encampment. If all be well with them I will pray and find solution sending message of plan.”


good stuff write more.

The memory dance

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