2: Reshom

Coadjutor of Silver Winds, an Eristrufa or Mist Demon


Reshom is much akin to other Eristrufa, a force of erosion. Seeking to keep the seas and lands that touch upon it pure, till the time The Great Mother can return. Ever bound by oaths and loyalty, honor is perhaps the heart of all Eristrufa, they are never the first to break their solemn vows. In this way, Reshom struggles with the Ebon Dragon’s taint that courses through Silver Winds like a black oil across otherwise pristine waters – taking great affront at oaths broken and bent. Reshoms own nature has also taken root in their shared vessel – flesh becoming sun sensitive and prone to burns. Deeper than flesh, Reshom has the Eristrufa’s famous temper, and when words do not find purchase, when They are not afforded respect, an anger builds from deep within. At the same time, praise and recognition are as honey, sweeping over Them as a temperament given towards largesse.

Reshom has also made it clear to his mortal half, that the realm of dreams is his even as the waking realm is given to you. Should he disappoint their masters, work against Reshom, sleep would be as sand to the parched. His mind would fade into whiteness as his words became heavy and dull. Reshom has not had to honor this threat as yet, but the Eristrufa always honor their word.


2: Reshom

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