Meliora Posi: Chao Bo the High Magister

High Magister of the Antumbrial College


Chao Bo is a direct god-blooded descendant of Prince Shushshu. Not all that uncommon, for the youthfulness of the Pènglong race. All such children, god-blooded or no, become wards of the state and are brought up from eggs alongside Centrati larva. Typically Pènglong are cool and calm even from youth – reactionary. When they reach adolescence a Pènglong is tested by the state to determine where they will be apprenticed. So it was with Chao Bo, and so he was brought to the Antumbrial College at age eight. Early years spent gazing at the stars and walking the edges of the elaborate illusory wards marked him as one that would be well disposed to being entered into the higher mysteries.

Unlike the Low Magister, Chao Bo has never known another life outside the college. He has no great journeys behind him, nor great visions before him – he has only his nightly travels amongst the stars if one would count those at all. Even with his insular and cloistered life, he is skilled at willworking and a consummate sorcerer with great skill in several paths of thaumaturgy. While he is hungry for knowledge, the fire that burns in him is a cool one. Perhaps war will temper him into something other – but the Pènglong are young and none knows what to expect from them. The other demi-humans would not undermine the growth of their younger brothers, of a chance to discover who and what they are in this world, but some still whisper that a High Magister of fiercer resolve would serve best in the face of what is to come. Chao Bo hears these whispers and will stand beside his people – he will be forged anew or be found broken on the field of battle. For the compassion of Grandfather runs in his veins and there is no fiercer resolve that this.

“Our destinies are etched upon the sky for us all to gaze upon – frozen and unmoving. How can one fight something beyond reach and at the edge of sight? We can only close our eyes or wait for the dawn…or can shatter those illusions? I have seen the stars grow large and read their blazing etched secrets – I can tell you that nothing is ever as it seems. Time and distance can both reveal and obscure.”


Meliora Posi: Chao Bo the High Magister

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