Desolace: First and Forsaken Lion


A powerful ghost and warlord that has ravaged and dominated the Underworld for nearly two millennia. Proud and mighty, but not unbound – the Lion had two masters: the darkness that empowered him and his own passions. No man can have two masters and after a millennium and a half he payed the price for his grasping nature, gifted power withdrawn and his beloved sealed from him for all time – his every sense trapped behind a cold soulsteel prison….

Now he looks more impossing than ever, his temper is short and his hand eager to distract him from his misery in a dance of distruction, but that pride and power is false. He is broken and forsaken – all that fuels his weary soul now is revenge.


Lion’s Agenda:

The Lion has the largest land force in the Underworld, but has been bidden to never return to Stygia. This has greatly reduced his political power in the Underworld, his ability to interact on a realistic level with other Deathlords or to spread the influence of his own cults. Currently there are two primary threats to the Lion and his plans and a complicating factor to the long term:

- Denizens of the Labyrinth (who already have moved to inhabit the mountain wastes)
- The armies of the Mask of Winters given some few years to consolidate and expand
- Any extended operations must deal with the Silver Prince who can cut off access to Stygia as well as reinforcing other Deathlords.

Most other Deathlords lack the military assets or are too distant to be reasonable threats to the Lion and his host.

The primary fear is that the Neverborn are going to forcibly take away his armies and have been using him to forge one of the underworlds greatest military forces. Already, the Lion is greatly weakened, the majority of the Neverborn’s support and influx of power having been stymied. Countless artifacts and undead creations have begun to fail as the Lion’s animating essence draws back into the mouth of the void. Thus far the effect has been wide spread but minor…

The Lion wants only a few things in the afterlife:
-He wishes to earn the respect and love of Lips of Coral, whom currently sees him as weak, foolish and lacking of vision.
-He wishes to destroy those who have betrayed him – insulted and humiliated him. He wishes to see the Neverborn sealed away from the Underworld and made powerless.
-The Lion wishes to bring order and glory to the Underworld and inso his own name. To stand in a place that he need never serve again – never suffer at another’s whim.

Desolace: First and Forsaken Lion

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