Gem: Alaan, the Master of Laurels

Minister of Public Works


A man of few words and even fewer friends, Alaan’s devotion is without equal. He dreams of a Pyramid lost in the sands of the desert, a place his hands have touched and graced by the tears of the earth herself. Those closest to him say it haunts his waking mind as well – his eyes rest longingly on the Glitter Flame and this idea that stalks him. Some say it was not the wealth of Gem that brought him her and to the Despot’s service, but rather the following of this fleeting dream. Certainly his distant stare does little to improve upon his erst born visage, reputedly born in far off Palanquin along the Dreaming Sea. That said, it is for his works and his will that the work teams and people of Gem respect and laud Alaan.


Gem: Alaan, the Master of Laurels

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