Gem: Halan Arbani, Master of Steel

Minister of Industry


The current head of House Arabni, Halan, rose through the ranks swiftly upon the merits of his hands. Long known as excellent craftsmen and artisans of firesticks and metal besides, Arbani has studied far stranger and more esoteric crafts, having long since mastered the former. Through great effort he has studied the clockworkery of the Varang as well treated with scores of Scavenger Lords over the years. Though demand for wands crafted by Halan’s own hand are in the greatest demand, the House Master only makes so many as to finance his personal projects and retain the respect and prestige of the family name. What the aging craftsman fears most now, is age, he rests fitfully fearing each day he will weak with his hands and wits crippled. Though his sons are each promising craftsmen in their own right, none have the burning desire to aspire to the level of craft of their father. Halan knows that it will be his works to carry forward his legend and he as yet has no masterwork that will speak to such, though there are no doubt a slew of failed prototypes even now moaning to his failure. He has passed off more and more of the responsibilities of the House to subordinates as he delves deeper into his obsession.


Gem: Halan Arbani, Master of Steel

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