Gem: Hasaan Iblan, The Gilded Lord

Master of Trade


Years ago, House Iblan was a house in decline. The former House-head and much of the upper echelon had given into mismanagement and corruption besides. In prior generations of the House it was common for a member of the mining case to buy his way into the voting bloc of the House upon a particularly lucky strike, so it was that fate had more weight upon the scales of ascension than skill. Five years ago, the current House-head Hasaan Iblan, was a minor scribe within the house, tasked with recording the influx of silver and gold from the mines. Taking this information to the voiceless members of the House, showing them how this impacted them and would impact the futures of their children and their children’s children – picks and hammers in hand the leadership was overturned. The once-mutes turned to Husaan on the spot and asked him to lead the House. To this date, the Gilded Lord has never been to the mines themselves, earning him the moniker. Though the House thrives as it once did, the movements Hasaan put into motion have unsettled the foundations of the Iblan. It is hard to say if he will ever be made to pay the price for his actions and what that price may be.


Gem: Hasaan Iblan, The Gilded Lord

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