Gem: Madam Dhuma of the House Sahlak, Mistress of Visions

Ministerin of Information


Like many within Hous Shalak, Madam Dhuma served as a paramour and inamorata for many years – serving the wealthy and titled of Gem. Her patrons told stories of how she caressed them even in their dreams and fulfilled needs they did not even know they themselves had. She was popular for some time until the last traces of her nubility left her – it was then that she began to tend personally to the dream parlor Lacus Somniorum. It was around this time that she began to be called Lady Smoke, no one was ever sure if she was actually there or if she was simply an addled dreaming. During her tenure overseeing Lacus Somniorum, she came into many secrets that made the House stronger still and lifted her up higher still in the eyes of her fellows. It is said that the Lady Smoke even assisted the last Madam directly and that none questioned Dhuma’s ascension to House Madam upon her death. Though she has over a dozen drug dens, dream parlors and harlot houses to oversee – she still makes time for Lacus Somniorum and can often be found there.


Gem: Madam Dhuma of the House Sahlak, Mistress of Visions

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