Gem: The Despot, Rankar VII

Despot of Gem


The Despot, Rankar the VII, wishes not only to safeguard the wealth and prosperity of Gem, but also to secure it’s trade to the equal of the the Realm and Guild. That is to say, any attacks on his trade will be met with swift and assured recompense – gaining the reputation that it is left better well alone. Even now he is working with his Minister of Public Works to expand mining operations North and South of the city. In truth, the Despot aims to change Gem from one of the most powerful city states in Creation to a thriving nation in it’s own right.

The primary blockade to these dreams at present are Paragon’s increasing attacks, attacks that give to the image of weakness in Gem…but also water. Nearly all of the water used by Gem comes via trade at steep expense, mostly from the rivers of the Lap’s Penitent. Fortunately, the Lap is West of Paragon and their water is still safe, for now – already the Despot looks West along the Golden Road to met their demands for water. A few hundred men and fair stores of food have been sent several times in the last months…but each has been lost with no survivors. It is believed that the dead stalk the hundred miles of dark tunnels that lead to the wetter and lusher slopes of the Firepeaks, but none have survived to confirm or deny these rumors.

The Despot is growing irate with the setbacks and growing threats of enemies known and unknown. Though Gem remains wealthy, he is making no gains on growing his domains influence into foreign markets. Thus, he now seeks beings of power to serve beside him and raise Gem into a shining jewel of Creation!


Gem: The Despot, Rankar VII

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