2. Borysthen

Coadjutor of Detritus of Reason, a Luminata or 'A Deer That Hunts Men'


Borysthen has been looking for cracks in Reason’s will for as long as they have been together. His human half wants nothing to do with following Malfean laws or with following another’s vision. Borysthen understands this, understands wanting to be out of the cage, free to enjoy the bounty of Creation. Yet, Borysthen also knows that when commanded to hunt by another, it would be foolish to turn down the food and the enjoyment of the chase. Detritus, he hungers for something else than human flesh, he hungers for a place. Borysthen thinks, maybe Reason believes that is order with the world spread out before him to be read, but Borysthen also thinks Reason is scared of things he does not understand and seeks to make everything make sense. In the presence of the Hierarchy, he felt those cracks and pushed against them…when Reason ate the flesh of man, he felt the need to break free. They are the hunter, to be the prey is anathema. Now Detritus will be made to see, all that matters is freedom and being able to relish life, none of these things can happen unless the laws are followed and order maintained.

With Borysthen crawling back into the conscious mind of Reason, urges thought forgotten have resurfaced. The flesh of man, his compatriots and servants, it calls to him. A urge to find a way out, a crack, fills him mind with nervous energy. The hate and loathing for the humanity that has betrayed them, the urge to end their lives and consume their souls, it claws at one’s sanity. If not allowed to hunt, not allowed to vent it’s rage…there is another who can not flee.


2. Borysthen

The Silver Kings Awash in Crimson Nehebkau