Meliora Posi: Heng'Kun the Nightmare

Commander of the Dreameaters


It’s rare for a centrati to serve on the Council. It’s formation only dates back to little more than a century – before this the Devil Princes ruled over the small but growing enclave directly. Since the birth of a stable city-state, and with it the pènglong, Meliora Posi has grown out of the hands of a few into a burgeoning society with many levels of leadership. The Princes have shown great faith in the Council to address daily affair while they spend much of time time focused outward on external threats and affairs.

In-fact, the Nightmare is the first centrati to ever serve on the Council and the only centrati to have served on the Council. At one-hundred and sixty seven, Heng’Kun has lived over five times the normal centrati lifespan and shown no signs of slowing. The centrati’s greatest hero, any female would lie with him and bear clutch. More than any victory, above all, his greatest service to his people and nation is to seed the next generation with his potent blood. However,Heng’kun has chosen his only lover as war, ever loyal to his nation and his first love.

At thirty-seven molts, the Nightmare dwarfs his kin, the greatest warrior of all the fellowship. With so much experience, he is prized by the Council, but war often keeps Hung’Kun from his seat.

“The Dreamborn have shown us that numbers fall before strength. War has showed us that the strong shoulder the weak. Embrace the nightmare, turn from pleasures, and mighty you will become!”


Meliora Posi: Heng'Kun the Nightmare

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