Meliora Posi: Katashi Riku of the Wall

Grandmaster of 'The Order of the Wall'


Katashi Riku is of the second clutch of the pènglong – born from one of the first sword saints. His father, the esteemed Saint Raku, died in battle with the Dreamers when he was still a child, but even before that Riku had been touched by Dream. Both sword saints had been tainted by the Wyld after decades on the front and though the Devil Princes could turn those curses into booms – they and all their line would forever bear the touch of Dream. So it came to pass that all in Katashi Raku’s line would sing the sword song as a chorus – with four limbs to bear the instruments of steely grace.

Yet, the pènglong race is yound and few. of the first sword saints – only bones and their memory remains – the princes decreed that a new branch would be formed within the military that the Pènglong might hone themselves into a might weapon safely. In time this defensive force would come to be known as the ‘Order of the Wall’ for the walls of the city are their church and their creed – serving order and putting down the forces of chaos without and within. Riku was of the first acolytes of this new order, even with such heavy burdens he tasked himself with rediscovering shiten Ichi-ryū, lost when his father died.

Even raised outside the dens of the skalds, Riku found truth behind his blades. Where the saints bound their soul and sword as one – the strike of their sword given voice – Riku’s Shitin style was forged around grief upon the silent walls of Meliora Posi. A maelstrome of steel needs no voice but its own.

When the centrati mentor given charge of this new order grew old and died – Riku did not even need to voice his desire for the position. His swords spoke for him.

“…my voice is for my men.”


Meliora Posi: Katashi Riku of the Wall

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