Meliora Posi: The Centrati

The Collective


The first of the devil-kin born into the world – the Centrati are an ancient and highly traditional people. They have waged wars against the Dreamborn for centuries before their brothers and sisters were born and consider the other devil-kin adjuncts at best. Their very form speaks to their purpose and they bear it with pride. Flesh buried deep beneath chitinous plates, three pairs of hard arms ending in sharp claws, and long terrible bodies festooned with dozens of small strong legs. Beyond that, thick acidic blood that flows more akin to sap than anything as soft as a mortals fluid and a physiology that defies so many poisons and pestilences. Centrati can take dozens of wounds in a battle and fight on, suffer crippling injury that would end the military career of lesser being and be undeterred, which is fortunate because when the battle is quit there is only the long rest. They are a race forged before the walls and illusions were woven, bred and born for war, the Centrati embrace their roots and uphold military tradition.

Birthing young is a rite earned in Centrati tradition, only the greatest heroes may lay with the matrons and bear the next clutch of warriors. The society as a whole raises the children, often their fathers dead before they exit the nymph phase of their life cycle, the children raised as a whole by the whole. The Centrati view themselves as the endless waging war against the Dreamborn. It is considered a grave dishonor to take up another path in life aside the warrior, with few exceptions. Those that support the war effort are afforded lesser glory and privilege, smiths and fletchers, before the other races the Centrati had to depend on their own for these and tradition demands the ancestors and their works be respected. The Matrons are revered as highly as the champions among their people for birthing the next generation, but one is born to this sect. Some few are visited by Prince Shushshu, those that leave with him are forgotten, no longer Centrati nor of the Endless.



Meliora Posi: The Centrati

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