Meliora Posi: The Pènglong

Dragon Touched


Youngest of the Devil-kin, the Children of the Scale are the most scholarly of the collective. The legends say that Prince Shushshu was the last to birth his kin into the world, weaving illusion and ward about the Meliora Posi, he wanted a safe place to bring his children into the world. Of the Devil Princes, Shushshu is the kindest and many across all kin call him grandfather, taking children of any race under his arm to learn the delicate art of will-working, the manipulations of the threads that underpin the world. Those that study the occult, the setting and repair of flesh, lore and art are of the Pènglong. Few of the Dragon Touched ever leave the walls of Meliora Posi, pouring over books in high towers or bent over forge and loom working the elements of the world into wonders, it is the unique facets of the society that allow such privilege to exist without envy.

The Pènglong pity their brothers for being born into a harsher world than themselves – seeking to act as teachers and spiritual guides to the others at all walks of life. Yet, the older races know themselves and their purpose in the world better than the Pènglong know themselves, the others looking upon the Pènglong as young children yearning for a place. Still, the other races also fear the Pènglong. They are kind and soft city dwellers lost in the clouds of their own thoughts – but some clouds hide lightning and hail. They are not named the Dragon Touched for their scales and horns alone. No, the very breathe of the elements flows through some of them and even the Centrati are awed by those few on the field of battle – the Pazuzei silent before minds that slice through their words like a surgeons scalpel. All Pènglong reverie Lord Shushshu and pray to the Devil Princes that his favor should be visit upon them – to inherit the fated scale.



Meliora Posi: The Pènglong

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