Golden Seal: Kel'Halja, House of the Hidden Voice

Warden Soul of the Ebon Dragon


Many souls of the Primodials died in the war – cataclysmic battles that cost dozens or even hundreds of Exalted their lives. Each death cost the Primordials a part of themselves – created a hole that would take a thousand mortal lifetimes of experiences to fill. The Exalted rising up each time, healed, while the psyche of the Primordial still bled. Many of the Creators sought to hide their fetches and prized souls deep within their Joten towards the end of the war, keeping them safe, but also starving themselves of the experiences upon which they thrive. Others shaped their souls into idea and concepts to hide them in plain sight and still others into such covetous prices that they might escape the flames of war.


Golden Seal: Kel'Halja, House of the Hidden Voice

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