Gem: Mustaph of the House Rankar, Master of Blades

Minister of War


Brother of the Despot and regent in the case of his untimely demise, Mustaph leads the armies of Gem with the assistance of the lords of House Circla. Mustaph has had long talks of late with these self-same lords, his blood burning hot with each tale of a lost caravan and it is often his voice that is most outspoken for the necessity of conflict with Paragon. More and more often that voice is being missed, he calms his rage upon the back of a Wurm pup he’s raised for much of his life, flying along the spine of the Flame Peaks. He has begun to come back with curious tales about enormous birds with twenty-five foot wingspans and odd structures or nests being built, now people in the city are beginning to wonder if the vultures that nest upon the Thousand have changed or if something more sinister has begun to inhabit the desolate mountains.

Mustaph begins to suspect every direction for enemies intent on Gem. He asks House Circla to train more janissaries, sends spies among the Guilds guards to take note of the Southern fae, and rages till his knuckles are bloody that now men or dying to the West. Mustaph is a powder-keg ready to blow, and the first enemy that rises it’s head is likely to be blown asunder.


Gem: Mustaph of the House Rankar, Master of Blades

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