Malfeas: Seekoei, The Boughs of Ruby Rain

Demon of the Second Circle: The Expressive Soul of Slu'Raz, Fading Star of the Uneven Flame


Seekoei, know as The Bleeding Tree and The Thirsty Tree, is tied from the first and till the last to it’s progenitor the Demon Star Slu’Raz. As his Maker studies the ebb and flow of existence itself, so does Seekoei study the thrum of essence in blood, seeing how life can drain from a thing or strength surge into its thews. Seekoei understands that blood is the currency of life-force – that it is found in men, demons, trees and even the very earth itself. Seekoei understands that life is a transaction with the powerful withdrawing blood and health from the weak, that life is a cycle, and few holds it so well or nurtures as many as his rust boughs.

Seekoei’s link to Sul’Raz is all defining and all consuming, such that when the star is faded from the skies of Malfeas the demon tree grows cruel, wrathful and every thirsty. Come midyear, when Sul’Raz again takes his place in the skies of Malfeas, reborn, the filtered silver light fills Seekoei with strength, hope and orgasmic pleasure. In ages past, Seekoei’s melancholy would become so great that he was forced into fitful slumber each calibration when his Maker flirted with annihilation. These dark days are passed, in these green days Seekoei rules over The City of Howling walls, a small borough upon a recently shattered plate in the outermost layer of Malfeas. Great quanties of blood are tithed from all who enter his city and it’s protection, this self-same blood is what allows the tree to stave off the dark months and endure the time till it’s stars rebirth.


Malfeas: Seekoei, The Boughs of Ruby Rain

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