Meliora Posi: Sha'ol the Seer

Master of Whispers


The Seer is a mysterious and enigmatic but his past is well known.

A century ago – the pazuzi were granted a royal writ to settle the southern range of the Firepeaks. Before the Pêşmerga took charge of the Low Colleges, when all Melori Posi knew of the dead was their own honored ancestors, those mountains had already begun their transformation into The Thousand. Regardless, several decades of peace reigned with no incident. Pazuzi nests multiplied, overseeing rich mines and build great towers to spy out over the hot deserts below. A generation of Pazuzi grew old and died here – a generation of Pazuzi were born and became men here. Then it all ended like a dream – the outpost, two hundred odd pazuzi and all other inhabitants were slain. Sha’ol had dreamed only the night before of this, a small child, and stole out in the night to hide in the mines with only a doll for company. Death came and pulled down the towers, collapsed the mines, and visited a gruesome end on all the inhabitants. It took days to pull down the rocks from where the mines had collapsed around him – perhaps the sole survivor of the slaughter. It took many weeks to walk back to Melori posi – taking wing being too dangerous.

That is how Melori Posi learned of the Thousand, of a new threat from a place beyond death.

Sha’ol dreams now of cleansing his home, mines now worked by the enslaved souls of his kin and hapless beings of the desert while broken towers loom over the ridge lit by dark wisps. But, these are hollow dreams and he has only his own mind and hands to guide him forward.

“In the dark of night we might beg and pray for dreams to guide us – but by day we must all forge our own way.”


The Seer is the spymaster of Melori Posi and holds frequent meetings with the High and Low Magisters. The Seer has final say on how diviners, star gazers and priests of the lingering song will be allocated and assigned.

Meliora Posi: Sha'ol the Seer

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