Meliora Posi: Sharo the Chief Steward

Master of Labors


Sharo comes from strong bloodlines – some of the most distinguished nests in Meliora Posi. Sharo was and is known as a ruthless trader and this has earned him the respect of the Pazuzi and no small measure of dislike amongst the other races. It is commonly said that a good Pazuzi can stretch a bag of rice to feed a family, but only Sharo could stretch it far enough to feed an army…or a single centrati.

Sharo was long considered for the position of chief stewards, but was passed over for worry of family ties and personal enrichment. Age has tempered pazuzi greed and a love of numbers has grown up to fill the void. Since the jet began to drain from Sharo’s feathers, the fledglings grown up to leave his nest for their own, Sharo has changed. The nest no longer needed him and coin losses its sparkle when the eyes grow dim – shortly after, the Voice came and he joined the Council.

“A pazuzi spends his whole life building the nest – but the day comes when the nest is empty and one’s eyes must turn to the forest. This is the best investment one can make – in and for the future.”


Meliora Posi: Sharo the Chief Steward

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