Malfeas: Slu'Raz, Fading Star of the Uneven Flame

Demon of the Third Circle: Fifth Soul of Szoreny


Shining high in the Emerald skies of Malfeas, brighter than any dead and dying star of Orabilis, the silverean star Slu’Raz gazes past the threads of life and into the dark beyond seeing. The dim embers of countless lessers dance fitfully around unmoving Slu’Raz, offering nothing but mysteries gleaned long ago and forgotten countless times since, hungry for his light and knowledge even as they slowly wink out. Yet, Slu’Raz fades faster still, but each year it is reborn again and his light is brighter, his focus sharper and his pattern more unified. Slu’Raz seeks new knowledge, knowledge beyond the Yozi, knowledge of death.

How can it visit that which has no start nor end? How can death, a lowly echo and trick, unmake that which existed before and beyond it’s very contrivance? The Yozi fear to visit that place, but Szoreny is ever curious, Slu’Raz was born to study and reflect upon that which broke perfection. Once the breaking is understood – the mending can begin. It’s a slow process, each calibration Slu’Raz disperses his essence in an explosion that lights the skies silver, overwhelming even the green light of Ligier, for a few shining moments. It takes months to reform his great burning body, each time a little different from before, his pattern rearranged and strange even to him, but a step closer to enlightenment. The remainder of the year is spent pouring over that new and strange pattern, till the only thing left to learn…lays over the edge of existence.


Malfeas: Slu'Raz, Fading Star of the Uneven Flame

The Silver Kings Awash in Crimson Nehebkau