Meliora Posi: The Pazuzei

Those of the Arial Realm


Aloof, manipulative and ever watching – Pazuzei are often spies, scouts and scribes. They view all of Meliora Posi as their nest, and wish to see it gleam with wealth, but there is something morbid in their hearts as well. Those that work with the flesh of the living or torment the spirit are most often found to be of the Pazuzei. Not taken away with passions – there is something cold and methodical about everything the Pazuzei do. Their relationships are highly ritualized and built upon the synergy of the pairings holdings. Mating is for life, but it is not unheard of for a marriage to end after financial collapse – with the death of the offending party. Strangely, Pazuzei customs allow such annulments.

The Pazuzei do what must be done and seem to live for some other reason than the simple joy of life. Centrati share the same alien coldness, and are little troubled by the peculiar tendencies of the race; but the Pènglong take pity on the spiritual distance and dissonance in their brothers, spending long hours cornering and attempting to enlightenment these people of the air. For this reason, Pazuzei spend little time upon the ground, having no time to waste on such an empty exchange.



Meliora Posi: The Pazuzei

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