Yu Shan: Ofookofookofook, the Klaxon of Apocalypse

Celestial God


THIS IS NOT A DRILL I feel my essence flood through the fabric of Yu Shan, barriers and safeguards crumbling without the briefest resistance, my voice booming from borough to borough till even the golden glow of the sun fades from the dome of heaven to blaze klaxon green. ALL INGRESS AND EGRESS THROUGH HEAVENS GATES WILL BE SUSPENDED I feel my spiritual manipulators coil around the locks and nodes of the gateways, one by one they snap closed, the Shi crouched twice as thick upon the sealed rings. CREATION IS EXPERIENCING A CATACLYSM FOUR EVENT – WE REPEAT, CREATION IS UNDERGOING A CATACLYSM FOUR EVENT The overpowering touch of the highest hovers over me – ensuring that my purview is being fulfilled to its fullest. My sensors are focused on the single door left open to Creation, for a few days more, at the Crimson Panoply. I see the Unconquered Sun and Mars gazing through the doorway – other eyes and sensors report that the Loom is unstable and not to be trusted, frayed.


Yu Shan: Ofookofookofook, the Klaxon of Apocalypse

The Silver Kings Awash in Crimson Nehebkau