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Kimbery Charms

Price-of-Everything Undercurrents

Cost: 1m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental;
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Mother Sea Mastery

Kimbery is the ultimate trafficker, and extracts a price from those who beseech her based on what her aid is worth to them. This Charm supplements a normal or dramatic action to estimate the value of a good or service and the quality of it. Examples include the condition and value to the owner of an allegedly “priceless” pearl, or much “not flooding a district of Malfeas” is worth to her supplicants. This Charm gives the Infernal a perfect awareness of the target quality’s condition, and how much ownership of it is worth to its prospective or current owner. This awareness grants her two bonus successes on any price haggling which ensues.


Cost: 10m; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Sea, Sorcerous
Duration: (Essence) months
Prerequisite Charms: Price-of-Everything Undercurrents, Tidal Renewal Discipline

In ancient times, the fisher tribe of Lake Guandi found themselves assailed by pagans and dragon-slaves. Making a prayer to the Great Mother of the Lintha, they waited for their inevitable destruction – and the next morning found blades of exquisite design piercing the red sand of their lake’s shores. The message was clear. The Exalt makes a prayer to a body of water that qualifies for the Sea keyword and is bordered, owned, or regularly used by a beloved character or organization. She expresses not devotion,but demand, specifying any variety of inanimate object or non-sapient creature as watery tribute. That body of water is enchanted to produce that good at a rate equivalent to a Resources value of (Infernal’s Essence – 2) per week. All manner of goods can be produced in this fashion, even if there seems no plausible way that the water could have spawned them. No more than half of the bounty produced by this Charm washes up on shore; the rest must be retrieved from the water itself. Every week a community or organization spends harvesting this bounty is treated as a scene spent building a positive intimacy toward the Infernal.

The Resources value that can be produced each week increases by one if the bounty would be expected to come from water; fish or fertile rivermud, for example. It is also increased by one if the bounty is a raw material rather than a finished product – driftwood rather than completed tables. These benefits stack.

Corrosive Pattern Infliction
Cost: 2-10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Sorcerous, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Loom-Snarling Deception

The Primordials built Creation. Compared with this feat, the transubstantiation of one object into another is relatively trivial.

This Charm can only target non-magical inanimate objects.

The Infernal pays one Willpower plus motes equal to twice the target’s Resources value, then his player rolls (Manipulation +
Lore) roll at a difficulty of the object’s value. If this roll fails or botches, the target transforms into something unexpected and abhorrent of the Storyteller’s choosing. The misshapen prodigies of such accidents aren’t valid targets for this Charm and rarely have any monetary value or practical use, save perhaps as ugly decorations or random occult ingredients. Success envelops the object in coils of caustic energy, gruesomely melting and realigning its motonic structure to become any other non-magical inanimate object of equal or lesser Resources cost.
Dissolving an opponent’s weapon into goo or turning a suit of
armor to dust (resulting in Resources 0 items) is a valid use of
this Charm.

Although casual inspection reveals nothing unusual about transformed items, trained savants can recognize subtle hints of Yozi aesthetics in the objects with a difficulty 5 (Perception + Occult) roll. Furthermore, the objects lose stability after a number of months equal to their new Resources value, warping as per a failed activation roll. If countermagic dispels this Charm’s effects prior to this dissolution, the object returns to its original state.
Infernals with Essence 4+ may simultaneously warp any number of valid targets within a radius of (Essence) yards around themselves without needing actual touch, provided they own all of those items. The difficulty for this feat is the highest difficulty for any targeted object. Small groups of related items may be changed together as a single item with Storyteller permission, such as transmuting one outfit into another. Further explanation on the limits of what is considered an object may be found on page 213 of Exalted.

Great Mother’s Blessed Waters

Cost: 15m, 1lhl; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple (One fifteen minute dramatic action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Desecration, Sorcerous
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Tidal Renewal Discipline

Though Gaia may have included some water in her nature and been praised for her beauty, the cold depths of the Demon Sea drowned the raksha by the trillions from the very first days. Yes, Kimbery has first claim upon the depths and rivers alike, and she will not let them go. This Charm allows a warlock to taint water, twisting anything which relies upon it. The Infernal sheds his blood into a body of water, singing hymns to his own generosity. This is a fifteen minute dramatic action, and affects all bodies of water, including groundwater, within a radius of (Essence x 100) yards around the Infernal.

Over the course of an hour, the affected waters turn bitter and cold, seeping out to create marshy bogs and drowning fields within a hundred yards of an affected body of water. If it is used on dry land, a body of water (Essence) yards across will rises up from groundwater or form from the marshes over the course of a month. The weather shifts, such that it rains frequently, even in the Deep South, and a residue of brightly coloured salts can be seen left on things affected by the tainted waters. Land affected by this Charm are reclaimed from the Wyld, chaos drowned by the beauty of Kimbery. An area affected by this Charm always counts as a suitable body of water for the purposes of the Sea keyword, but does not count for the Kimberyian Imperfection unless it would normally qualify.

The waters of the Great Mother twist with consummate artistry those who consume them. Any living being which gains the majority of their water in a given week from a tainted source rolls their (Stamina); failure means they gain a single Cosmetic mutation with an aquatic theme. Non-sapient creatures who get the majority of their food from mutated sources halve their Stamina for the purposes of this roll. Failures in later weeks mean they gain a 1-point mutation, up to a limit of (Infernal’s Essence). Characters with at least one mutation from Kimberyian sources perceive the waters to be sweet and wholesome. Once water has been away from a tainted source for five days, or has been diluted down to being one-fifth tainted by volume, it no longer counts as coming from such a source. As per the desecration rules, the first mutation applied must be Creature of Darkness.

Once the majority of living beings in an area have such a mutation, the waters wash outwards. Over the course of a day, the land in the affected area crumbles and erodes, gives way to water, gushing from seemingly nowhere. The original (Essence x 100) yards are flooded, while any body of water within one hundred yards of this point is tainted in the same manner. This process can continue indefinitely, drowning mountains and deserts, though when the central body of water has a radius of five miles or greater it becomes a persistent Blasphemy. The use of countermagic on an affected area does not undo the physical changes to the area; only prolonged geomantic effort will be able to drain the flooding and shift the weather patterns.

At Essence 4+ and with the prerequisite of Spiteful Sea Tincture, this Charm may be repurchased. Reviled characters who drink from an affected body of water or consume a mutated creature suffer from a dose of Poison Lacquer. Thus does Kimbery deny her gifts to those who displease her.

Solar War Charms

Golden Legion Battle-Glory

Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3, War 5; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, War
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisites: Heroism-Encouraging Presence, Commanding the Ideal Celestial Army
The excellence of the Sun’s Chosen inspired his soldiers to feats of epic heroism. Each man who marches behind the banner of the dawn is worth a hundred lesser troops. While this Charm is active, complementary units lead by the Solar are considered to have a bonus to their magnitude equal to half the Solar’s Essence, rounded up, for the purposes of determining bonuses and penalties applied to attack and defense. This phantom Magnitude does not make the unit more difficult to command, nor does it conjure actual soldiers equal to the difference in unit size. Casualties suffered by the unit are inflicted upon the base magnitude, and then this charm is reapplied. For instance, if an Essence 3 Solar leading a Talon’s worth of soldiers activates this charm, the unit will have an effective magnitude of 5. If the unit then loses three points of magnitude over the course of a battle, the Charm would end since the Exalt as a Solo unit would no longer qualify for its effect.

Solar Presence Charms

Life-Altering Blow

Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 3, Presence 5; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Compulsion
Duration: Scene
Prerequisites: Majestic Radiant Presence, You Can Be More

Not all Solars prefer to slay their enemies. Rather, some prefer to gather friends and allies to their cause. Solar Exalts are great leaders as well as incredible warriors. This Charm is favored by those Exalts who are both skilled and merciful duelists.

When this Charm is invoked, its power lies dormant until the Solar strikes a deathblow to a target, and reflexively spends 1 mote per permanent essence of that target. When this occurs, the target has a simple choice: live, or die. The Solar may force a choice of life by succeeding on a (Charisma + Presence) roll, subtracting the target’s Dodge MDV from the successes as an external penalty. If the target successfully chooses death, he dies. A choice of life, however, can be an event that forever alters the target’s destiny. All damage inflicted by the Solar on the target since the invocation of Life-Altering Blow is removed. The target awakes with the knowledge that he was utterly defeated at the Solar’s hands, and only by the Lawgiver’s mercy was his life spared. The target will be greatly disinclined to further combat, being chastened by his defeat and subsequent deliverance from death. His recognition of the Solar’s might and mercy will give him an Intimacy towards the Lawgiver, and he will likely be much more inclined to listen should the Solar wish to engage in social combat.

The use of this Charm on a target, and the social combat that usually follows may justify a change of Motivation in the target, If so, the usual experience point cost for changing Motivation is waived.

Love for the Savior

Cost: – ; Mins: Essence 3, Presence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Social, Emotion, Reactor
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Any Presence Excellency

Those saved from certain doom by the Solar Exalted truly realize the heroic nature of their saviors. To gain the benefit of this Charm the Solar must save a target from harm. The target must be aware that the Exalt saved him, and must perceive the harm to be significant. The definition of what is “significant harm” changes from person to person. To a mortal, this may be a mugger on the street. To another Exalt, this could be a demon ambush. To save someone, the Solar must remove the threat (at least for the rest of the scene) without significant help from the target, and without harming the target herself.

When the Solar saves the target, she immediately rolls Compassion and gains
(number of successes, minimum 1) Willpower points and (the sum of her Virtues) in motes of Essence. If she saved the target primarily on her own, the target is immediately affected by an unnatural Emotion that instills a positive Intimacy (usually love, trust, or adoration) towards his savior. If the Solar had help saving the target, she instead makes a reflexive Presence attack against him, gaining (higher of essence or Compassion) automatic successes on the roll. If successful, the target gains the above Intimacy as an unnatural Emotion effect. This Intimacy costs four Willpower to resist. The benefits of this Charm may only be gained at most once per scene. The Solar may save many people at a time, but the Emotion effect is only instilled in a single person per rescue.

Crushing Pressure of Spirit
Cost: – (5m); Mins: Presence 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Obvious, Social
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisites: Majestic Radiant Presence

The unleashed majesty of the Solar Exalted can threaten to overwhelm even the bravest and most resolute of foes. Upon activating this Charm’s prerequisite, the Lawgiver may freely choose which roll she will require in order to attack her on a per attack basis. In addition, the Lawgiver may pay 5 motes to take a speed 6 miscellaneous action to make a Charisma + Presence social attack all enemies, anyone whose MDV is overcome by this display of power is treated as not having spent Willpower to resist previously for the next (Solar’s Essence) actions. During this time, the difficulty for the Valor roll increases by one, and the difficulty for the Willpower roll increases by two. Enemies who have paid the willpower cost to ignore Majestic Radiant Presence may pay an additional point of temporary willpower during this period to ignore these upgraded effects for the rest of the scene.

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