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The Exalted system has several terms for money and their denominations, all foreign and inso, difficult to keep track of. More troubling, there are two separate monetary systems and mentions of halved and quarted coins that all adds to the complication. For an introduction, we will cover the denominations here:


1 Talent = 8 Bars = 64 Minae = 128 Shekels = 1024 Obles = 8192 Koku = 65536 Quian = 1,048,576 Yen

To put this in perspective, the smallest denomination listed is the Yen:

1 Yen = Cotton/Linen plain clothes, family dinner with meat, some basic farm tools or a set of pottery for the kitchen.

What this means is that the Yen is still a large some of money and in the Realm it is often divided down to the eighth for small transactions like buying a drink at an inn or a small simple meal. In the Threshold, Silver is the most common currency and is valued at 1/5 of Jade’s value. We will be using the Jade value and throwing all the silver maths out entirely for our record keeping and for ease of play. We could imagine all of the conversions are still taking place behind the scenes. All wealth will be calculated in Yen – rounded to the one-hundreds.

Resource Grades:

o = 15 – 75 Koku; 1920-9,600 Yen
oo = 76 – 375 Koku; 9728 – 48,200 Yen
ooo = 376 – 1875 Koku; 48,128 – 240,000 Yen
oooo = 1876 – 9375 Koku; 240,128 – 1,200,000 Yen
ooooo = 9376 – 93760 Koku; 1,200,128 – 12,000,000 Yen

When you purchase a background, it is always at the minimal value, but can be built upon with no limitation.

Death and Taxes

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