Golden Seal



Population: 113,275 (Ascending Wood 768 est.)

Government: Scarlet Protectorate with Imperial Governor

Religions: Immaculate Faith 83%, Ancestor Worship 8%, Local Gods 5%,
Yozi Cults and others 4%

Imports: Food, Imperial Soldiers, Paper, and finished goods

Exports: Gems, Ores, Firedust


Golden Seal is a city dating back to the Malfean War. Most scholars believe it was built late in the war as the Yozi began to realize the threat of the Solar Host. What is known, the city has sat under a black storm, nonstop, for at least two thousand years. There is no dirt or even stone within the domain of the city-state and its supernatural storm – rather only a black shadowy metal. Two thousand years the ground has seen no erosion nor the buildings, made of the same material, any wear. Fourteen towers of various sizes rise up, sometimes, a thousand feet into the air. Lightning strikes the towers countless times each hour with no visible effect upon the ebon surface.

Strangely, the seas around Golden Seal are perfectly calm despite the ancient storm above, lesser storms even seem to shy away from the city, making for calm seas as much as a hundred miles into the West. So it is that the Realm uses the city as a major trade hub to ship supplies to the Realm from the deep South and to apply further pressure on An’tang’s shipping concerns.

Locations of Note:
Covered Port of Okanishi
Imperial Navel Academy of the Dragon’s Roar
Imperial Bank Branch – Windfall

Golden Seal

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