Guldur's Portents and Prophecies

Bloody Hearts, Bloody Dreams – a worrisome dream inspired by Touch of Sepia

Musings On – Humidity – a jungle hike and thoughts on over-abundance of water

Warnings for Sepia – a message launched to warn Sepia and Dirge of danger

Notes Upon Tengese Holidays – several feast, festival, and fasting days that the Tengese once honored

First Bedtime Story – a fire-side tale about a distant land, a family blessed by the Desert, and hidden strength

Musings On – Kobalas City – thoughts about the construction of a new “Tengese” city

Message to Comet, Aid Request – a sorcerous message sent to Swift Wandering Comet, seeking aid

He Walks Among You – a chronicle of Guldur’s day-to-day activities outside Meliora Posi, from the perspective of The Boy

Assorted Messages – Part 1 – missives sent out once Guldur returned from his unpleasant first journey to the Underworld

Principles of Motion – Guldur learns to let go, and find joy in running

Assorted Messages – Part 2 – missives sent out once Guldur and Silverwinds had met Locke’s patron

Tales from Meliora Posi – stories told by inhabitants of the hidden city

Guldur's Portents and Prophecies

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