Social Combat Hacks

Intimacies are assigned categories:

Possible examples include:

  • Passions are intimacies of compassion (Both are valid terms to use in a writeup of ones intimacies,) are things that the character has a positive, emotional belief a thing, person, or idea.
  • Belifes are intimacies of conviction, things that the character holds a positive, logical belief in a subject, ideology, or person.
  • Distastes are are intimacies of temperance, things that the character is against in at a logical level. They are tied to Temperance.
  • Disgusts are intimacies of valor, things that the character is very openly against on an emotional level.

One can create a character a number of first level intimacies of each type equal to (1 + relevant virtue)

A starting level character may also have a number of second level intimacies equal to half their relevant virtue, rounded down. These show a serious, or major interest. They are a strong intimacy. Finally, a character may have a single three dot intimacy tied to their motivation and an additional one for each virtue at 4 or above.

- Someone with compassion 1 lives in a world where they might be mildly fond of many things, but seriously loves nothing.

- Someone with conviction 1 lives in a world where they may even like the idea of many things, but never seriously believed in any creed.

- Someone who has temperance 1 may be mildly creeped out by many things in life, but finds nothing worth getting alienated over.

- Someone with valor 1 could have a lot of things that annoy them, but would never enter a fuming rage over anything they dislike.

Social Combat Hacks

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