The Silver Kings Awash in Crimson
RY 770

A year had passed since the Empress vanished without word or trace. Rumors abounded of Thorns and The Bull in the icy North – forces that have resisted and bested Realm forces. The ports of An-tang were fertile ground, the whispered words of sailors in their cups, blossoming into the booming rhetoric of rebels and revolutionaries. At first demonstrations in the streets, protesting the Realm’s yoke, but later the burning or seizure of Realm assets. The screaming masses in the decrying the Lady of Blood and the Crimson Whore, the red flames the last tribute and sacrifice they would pay. The Realm Legions never answered, but the House legions of Peleps and Ledaal did. No longer a might lion with the neck of the world in it’s jaws – but a many headed hydra snapping all about it.

Hundreds of thousands fled the region – armies crushed under first age relics not used since the Shogunate, demons in their hundreds marched in tight ranks of brass and shadow, and the fire and lightning of will-workers painted the sky for weeks on end. Tens of thousands died to disease and strange beasts within the Crescent, more from thirst in the arid empty lands south, and for fear of the Realm dogs at their heels the diaspora marched until the very horizon shimmered with heat and malice. Fear in their eyes, for but a moment, before towers of obsidian glass and mirrored silver slip into view from air that melts like butter.

The domain of the Three Demon Princes. Secret guardians of the Southren Wylds, surely they wondered what threat could drive so many mortals from the soft lands past the dangers of the Crescent and to the edge of Creation. The An-tanganese were ushered in, past the ((XXXX)) of lost legend, to the Grand Plaza aglow in the moonlight. On silver thrones sat the magnificent looming forms of the Demon princes – who in soft voices of honey did bid the mortals to share their plight. The truth of the Realm and Empress revealed and the dangers to Creation made apparent – the three great gods did bow their heads. They raised them as one as Mars passes behind the glow of Luna, “It has been deemed that the Princes of the Earth have lost their ages old mandate – they can safe guard nothing.”

Writ upon cloud, in the song of the beast and woven into the fabric of dream as if flows into Creation upon gossamer threads at the edges of the Wyld – the call to war has been raised, the cry for allies sent out. Who will answer?

The Silver Pact watches.
The Five Score Fellowship debates.
The Deathlords Plan.
The Yozi whisper to any who will listen…

and in the Beyond a thousand possibilities are pursued as one.



Current Date: Ascending Fire 3rd


tinker.jpg I frequently Tinker with the rules of the game (customs)
story.jpg My games will tell an interesting Story
brain.jpg My game focuses on Player Skill rather than character abilities
disturbing.jpg My games include Disturbing content
drama.jpg My games focus on interesting Characters and Drama
mirror.jpg I will Mirror back player ideas I think are interesting in the game
Peace.jpg My game is primarily Non-Combat in nature
pvp.jpg There will be Player vs Player combat allowed in my games
run.jpg Players in my game should be prepared to Run when the odds are against them

The Silver Princes Awash in Crimson

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