1. Guldur

Prophet of the Endless Desert


Guldur, God-King of the Desert

Born from the Jacurutu warrens, a desert-dwelling tribe, Guldur set himself apart from an early age. The others said he was a dangerous dreamer, mad for power and authority he did not deserve, but Guldur knew differently. His destiny was not to toil in ignominy, in servitude to the elders of the tribe, until the day his last breath left him. Guldur would rise up, prove his worth, and establish a dynasty to replace the elders! His was not to thoughtlessly accept their rules, especially not when those same rules demanded that his daughter, sickly and fragile, be left out on the sands! He dared to question the brutal traditions that ensured their survival, but kept their tribe small and weak. In doing so, he challenged the chieftain for leadership, but Guldur’s ambition exceeded his skill at arms.

The chieftain and the elders were in agreement: Guldur was a threat to the sacred ways of the Jacurutu people. With but days until Calibration, Guldur was exiled to die in the trackless wastes, his daughter in his arms. His wife had been taken back by her own family, so she alone would be spared. Guldur gave of his water to preserve the child, but hastened his own end in the process. On the first night of Calibration, raging at the injustice perpetrated on him by “lesser minds,” Guldur collapsed in the shade of a tall dune. There, as he whispered to his infant child through cracked lips, salvation came.

A trembling in the sand forewarned him of a demon-worm, a monster come from the deep desert. Powerless to flee, Guldur braced himself for death. And was surprised when the monster encircled him, shielding man and babe. A shapeless gray blob dropped from the beast’s back, flowing towards Guldur, whispering promises of aid. “Bite my flesh,” it said, “and take of my water, for you are not destined to die here. You must live, so that true justice can return.”

Shredding the perronele’s skin with his teeth, Guldur poured its liquid into his child’s mouth, then took some for himself. As his lips pressed against the creature, it promised him the power he deserved, and he accepted. Its flesh engulfed him, forming a soft, gray shell. When he emerged a day later, he found his daughter still alive in the demon-worm’s care, if dehydrated and malnourished. With a blessing, he hardened her against the cruelties of the world. With a purposeful stride, he returned them to their home. With righteous indignation, he slew those who opposed his leadership of the tribe. With a command, he called his wife back to her place at his side. And with a breath, he gave his daughter a name, Noree, future queen of the Jacurutu.

Only then, his dynasty founded at last, did he travel to Malfeas, to offer fealty to the true and just rulers of the world.

His purpose is to gather supporters and undermine the unjust societies of the South, so that they will welcome his enlightened reign, a reign sanctified by the Yozi. His approach, however, might seem unnecessarily kind. Guldur believes the strong must rule the weak, but also believes that there are many forms of strength, and that the greatest failing of Creation is in the way they deny this truth. He offers gifts, blessings, and advice to those who have been called “weak,” so that they may find true strength within, and remember that such justice came not from callous gods, but from a Scion of the Desert herself.


1. Guldur

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