Meliora Posi: Pêşmerga the Low Magister

Knight Pro Tempore, Lord of the Fire Peaks and Sage of the Whispering Galleries


The highest ranking willworker for the Umbral College – the Low magister is Meliora Posi’s premier necromancer and high priest of its ancestor cults1.

Pesmerga Østerpoli began life as a mason, crafting the regalia of pazuzui oligarchs, immortalizing their glorious lives beyond the pale. Seeing how a pazuzi of great wealth could have a fine shrine built to himself, but only a pazuzi who is honored would see that shrine repaired and kept up. The strongest nests are built upon their shrines and they view them as the roots of their houses, the strongest nests always have the successes of ancestors to point to, proof that their practices and techniques are tested and true. There is strength that can be found there, and Pesmerga hung up his hammer and chisel. He was called by something within himself to walk those halls of the Pazuzi elite, to fanning waning interest and slacking reverence for those who had come before.

Pesmerga turned to the Centrati, with their bards and skalds, to learn their songs – writing many for the Pazuzi who had none. He traveled to the Crescent to learn the arts of embalming from the “Snakes who Walk as Men” that his people might look upon more than dead stone. In fog and shadow he stalked the City of Dead Flowers to see first-hand what becomes of the dead that none remember. He saw how that place had become a cultural scar that weakened the people of An’tang. The dead were the chains of fear that bound them in servitude to their oppressor. When he returned, the Voice was waiting with a stole of office – a second tower of ebony risen up as the very shadow of the High College.

“The heroic sagas tell of deeds long done. These tales still inspire and motivate us – its cultural influence is felt long after the physical effects have been lost to the ages. So it is with the honored dead, keep them in your hearts and minds, their deeds will strengthen you.”

1 Pazuzi and Centrati have very different death cults; wealth and trappings vs. hero worship and long winded sagas.


Meliora Posi: Pêşmerga the Low Magister

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