Meliora Posi: Prince Arcturian

Flayer of Day and Night


Breaker and binder of chains, master of trade and tribute – it is Arcturian that has birthed a civilization from a motley collection of souls. Prince Shushshu never has need for anything as the eye of Arcturian watches and sees every possible need met. Prince Wanshang need never fear for the city as he chases the Dreamborn to their very lairs – for Prince Arcturian’s eyes are even watchful and his talons ever ready. Where the other Devil Princes are seeped in the tales and myth of Meliora Posi, even today, Prince Arcturian is rarely seen aside from his face emblazoned upon coins of onyx and silver.



Meliora Posi: Prince Arcturian

The Silver Princes Awash in Crimson Nehebkau