Assorted Messages - Part 1

Reassurance to My Priest

“Boy, I have emerged from the Land of the Dead, just as promised. I have delved into the fortress of your Imperial tormentors, and learned some of their secrets. And now, I meet with my allies to plan for our triumphant return to Meliora Posi.”

“I trust that you are taking good care of Li-nah, and of the rest of my flock. Take word to them that I have gone to the Underworld, and secured the blessings of their lingering ancestors. Soon, I shall return to you, and deliver what I have learned from the spirits of the departed.”

Offer of Reasonable Aid

“Detritus of Reason, I hope this message finds you well, and that your pursuit of Harmony is progressing. When last we spoke, you asked that we send suitable personnel your way, the better to serve the Harmony. While our access to people is surprisingly limited at the moment, I intend to keep an eye out for anyone who meets your criteria. But first, can you tell me just what those criteria might be?”

“With kind regards, your fellow traveler, the Hooded Man of the Desert.”

Assorted Messages - Part 1

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