Village of Karakorum



Pazuzi: 497
Penlong: 1
Centrati: 2

Government: Hierarchical Clan Structure

Religions: Devil Princes 62%, Ancestor Worship 25%, Warrior Cults 13%

Imports:Meat, bone, oil, lamps, weapons and common goods

Exports: “Salvaged” goods


Pazuzui of Note:

Ya’sheril Qimm’eash (Yasheril Esteemed-Lover) – Nest Head



Karakorum is a newly founded village high in the snow capped peaks of the Thousand. Here the Pazuzi spy upon the Montain Shadow Road and raid the supply lines as they travel north and south. The peaks are largely barren and the Pazuzi are mostly given over to maintaining their weapons, formation drills and speculating over their salvage. Karakorum has an armed camp feel as compared to the other villages and indeed the sightings of a terrible flying bat-lizard has only increased the villages readiness.

Those in the know feel that the Qimm’eash nest was given this village in a hope that its population will grow quickly. Though a minor nest today, their potency is still well reputed…

Village of Karakorum

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