Village Yu'Korum


Pazuzi: 988
Penlong: 2
Centrati: 10

Government: Hierarchical Clan Structure

Religions: Devil Princes 90%, Ancestor Worship 9%, Warrior Cults <1%>

Imports:Meat, bone, mining tools, oil, lamps, common goods

Exports: Precious Gems and ores, feather steel, and “salvaged” goods


Pazuzui of Note:


Generations ago, Yu’Korum was a profitable mining village roughly 200 miles east of Meliora Posi. Numbering only 200 pazuzi, the majority of the population was Dream Eaten humans procured through raids on the Road of Fire and Shadow that runs between Gem and Golden Seal1. To protect Meliora Posi, the caravan guards and merchants were always slaughtered to a man.

Now, the ruins crawl with the dead2 – the wooden upper levels of the pazuzi nests have tumbled in to rot. Ten stony fingers reaching up into the blue – grasping for salvation. The risen bodies of those pazuzi, long since raised up and enslaved, mine the caverns they once oversaw.

The mines of Yu’Korum are still rich, still shines, and honor demands the pazuzi return one day.

1 Dream Eaten can not be raised as the undead. Fae view the animal soul as mere prey, but the higher soul is akin to a orchard or vineyard to be enjoyed at length.
2 The souls of the pazuzi were not rendered into soulsteel, but kept to study their fetters and learn more of Meliora Posi. Prisoners of war broken to reveal their secrets.

Village Yu'Korum

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